What is Rentales?

Rentales believes in the concept of a sharing economy that lets you earn some extra money by lending your underused products to fellow members.

It is simple, seamless and reasonable. Browse across categories, pick the product you like and get it delivered at your doorstep!

How Rentales operates?

Rentales provides most of its services across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai with a few services limited only to Mumbai (at the moment). Be patient, we are building-up!

Does Rentales own the product?

No. The concept of Rentales is for individuals and vendors to make additional money by letting out their products for a few days/months to other individuals. Rentales doesn’t own any of the listed products. Products are vetted by our team and delivered after thorough product verification

Placing an Order

(Order details)

  • What is the maximum duration for which I can book a product?

Certain products can be booked for months (minimum of 1 month) whereas others can be booked as per the availability of the product by the individual. Since some of the products are owned by individuals like yourself, the duration for booking a product is purely on the the renter’s discretion.

  • Are there additional costs for installation?

Most installations are free unless there is a undertaking of an electrical or plumbing job required, the same has to be taken care by you.


(Needs to be discussed)

  • Are documents required for renting products?

Yes, both a valid address proof (like Passport, License, Aadhar Card, Voter ID) and PAN card are must. For individuals staying at some residence different from the one mentioned in the address proof, an electricity/telephone bill or House Rent agreement is mandatory failing which the product cannot be delivered.

In the case of two wheelers, a driving license is also required

  • Is paying security deposit a requirement?

Yes. For security of the products given out and ensure timely payouts of the rent, it is charged and refunded 100% when the tenure ends if the product is returned undamaged.

  • How I do pay for my rent and deposits?

Payments are always convenient with us. You need to pay the entire deposit of the product (for deposits under INR 1000) at the time of  placing the order. For deposits above INR 1000, you can pay INR 500 and book your product, and pay the rest after the delivery of your product through any of our payment options. For your regular day-wise rent, you need to pay the first installment along with the deposit and the rest after the tenure is over. For your monthly rent, we will send a reminder link on your registered email id which will take you directly to the payments page.


  • What is the delivery time of the goods?

We try to make sure that the product you ordered reaches you at date selected by you and time will be confirmed/intimated by the way of call/sms from our team

  • What do I need to do at the time of delivery?

You need to keep your original documents ready to show to our executive. Kindly DO NOT give away any of your ORIGINAL documents to the  executive. Rentales doesn’t take or warrant any original documents with itself.

You need to be present at the time of delivery in order to sign the Rent agreement. Please note- Rent agreement is signed to ensure security of the products and avoid any fraudulence. This agreement is secured with Rentales and a copy of it is to be kept with you and the Renter.

  • What happens if I’m not available at the time of delivery of the product?

Deliveries are meant to be convenient. We will ensure to call you before delivering your product to check your availability and come at a mutually convenient time.  However, despite confirmation if you were not able to be there at the time of delivery , delivery charge is levied and it gets rescheduled. Oops!

  • Can anyone else collect the product on my behalf?

Sure, the person needs to be present at the registered location as per the details     mentioned by you.S/he needs to have the ORIGINAL documents (the ones you have uploaded with us) and a letter giving her/him the authority to sign the Rent agreement on your behalf.

  • What if the product delivered is damaged?

If the product delivered to you is damaged, you have to report the same at the time of delivery. The product once accepted by you, will not be deemed replaceable or refundable

  • What if I damage the item rented?

If the damage is repairable, the equivalent amount will be deducted from your deposit no  matter how minor the damage is. If it’s irreparable, you pay the cost as claimed by the  owner (under our surveillance)

  • If product is damaged by me, can I it repaired?

Yes, but only after approval from Rentales who will consecutively take  permission from  the owner of the product

  • What if the products stop working during the tenure of rent?

The same would be taken care of within 48 hours of it being notified to us. In case the damage has been caused due to error on your part, cost of repair would be charged

  • How does Rentales know the products’ damages?

On return, the product is checked and matched against the photos taken at the time of delivery.

Cancellations & Extension Policies

  • Can the Renter/Rentee cancel the bookings?

In case the product was rented for more than 30 days, the Rentee/Renter can request for closing the order in by informing Rentales 1 week prior to the selected closure date. A penalty equivalent to one month’s rent will be charged for breach of contract for the Rentee and an amount of Rs.500/- for the Renter.

In case product was taken for less than 30 days tenure, early termination will have to be approved by Rentales on products taken for a shorter duration.If approved the product may be returned without penalty by both Renter & Rentee. If not, product has to be returned on the day as per the contract

  • Can I extend the tenure of renting?

Yes. One week prior intimation is required in case of products taken for more than 30 Days and two days prior intimation when it’s rented for less than 30 days, basis availability of the product after confirmation from vendor partner/Renter

  • What happens if i return the product late?

A penalty is charged which is twice the day’s rent for every day delay of the product.